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Hate It or Love It

Hate it or love it, the bald man is on top after this weekend. While I know the mere mention of ENIC and Daniel Levy is a fire-starter subject, Daniel Levy’s branding work was on full display again this weekend.

Admittedly, I am NOT a huge fan of “American Football” and the National Football League, but on Sunday morning (my time) with a very drab slate of international fixtures, and not much else to watch, I tuned in to the Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets game live from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. I did love the jokes on twitter asking how much Levy charged Marishia Wallace who sang the national anthem perched atop the Skywalk.

Following the conclusion of the match, I can’t even tell you how many times I saw “Tottenham Hotspur Stadium” scroll across the bottom of my screen while watching the New England Patriots game. Another, minor, yet shrewd marketing piece of this stadium. Any time an event is held here, it’s going to be blasted across screens and tickers everywhere.

The last event before this weekends NFL matchup was the Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk fight in front of 66,267 fans, or as Levy sees them, paying customers. On Sunday 60,000 more customers piled in, as will 60,000 more on Sunday October 17th as the Jaguars face the Dolphins. The Jaguars vs Dolphins game is the last scheduled non-football event of this calendar year, but there are three events scheduled for 2022 including a Saracens match, Guns N Roses concert, and the BetFred Challenge Cup final.

The branding of Tottenham Hotspur, coupled with the non-football use of the stadium will bring in a separate revenue stream matched by no other team. In the age of oil money infiltrating the Premier League, this extra revenue is much needed and will in time be re-invested in the squad.

Say what you want about Levy, but his work in building the brand of the club is unrivaled in the Premier League. The recent separation of Levy running the brand, and Fabio Paratici heading football operations should be a recipe for long term success. Hopefully, and I know it’s the hope that kills you, Paratici will be able to spend and grow the squad to the heights this stadium, and most importantly, this fanbase deserves.

Thanks for reading! COYS! –MK

Published by Podspur

Longtime Spurs supporter. Founder / Chair of Rhode Island Spurs. Creator, and host of Tottenham Podspur. COYS!

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